The quality is the most important argument for the sale of your products. Even more important is the quality of the product data nowadays – if certain electronic product data is missing, then the buyer may decide against the purchase of your product. This makes it imperative for your company to have your data organized and current at all times. Good product data is very often a vital sale argument!

In addition to this is the unstoppable growth of e-business and web shops as new distribution channels. They make it imperative to transmit the product data to the customer systems in a standardized way and oftentimes require the classification of the products according to the Standard-Classifications.

This is our expertise and we are happy to support you including the following:

  • Capture your product-specific data
  • Classify your products
  • Supply the data required by your customers in various formats and classifications

Part of our service is that we would be pleased to assume the complete processing of the production of electronic catalogs as well as the coordination with your customers. Contact us. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to get started right away!