The ecatDesigner helps you to effortlessly generate your electronic catalogs, like BMEcat, GS1, Datanorm, GAEB, etc. Classification standards like eCl@ss, ETIM and Proficl@ss are already integrated.

The onboarding allows you to integrate data of your suppliers quickly and efficiently into your PIM system. The import of BMEcat or Datanorm is equally straightforward as the transfer of supplier-specific data formats.

We provide comprehensive advice in the context of master data management and data quality. We support you in analyzing the current state of your data and in defining the expected target state and help you with the specification and implementation of appropriate data processes.

Exchange of product data

Embedding of incoming data records smoothly into the own system, classification of products according to various standards, provision of detailed electronic catalogs – that altogether is the damexSuite by Semaino.

The damexSuite consisting of ecatDesigner and Onboarding comprises all tools that are required for a smooth data exchange among suppliers, customers and market places. It supports all established formats for electronic catalogs like BMEcat, PAB, GS1/XML, Datanorm, Amazon, GAEB, or Fab-Dis, as well as standard classification systems like eCl@ss, ETIM or proficl@ss.

Semaino is actively working on various national, European and international standards – thus, the damexSuite is always state of the art.

Generate electronic catalogs easily

Transfer of your product data into electronic catalogs, e.g. BMEcat, GS1/XML, or Datanorm as well as classification of data according to standard classifications (eCl@ss, ETIM, Proficl@ss).

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Import supplier data easily

Import of supplier data provided in standard formats or in supplier specific formats as well as incorporation into the PIM system by configurable processes including data quality checks and user specific integration rules.

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Master data management

Do you have problems in providing correct and appropriate product data? Are your data sources improperly defined? Does your processes not deliver the required data?

We provide comprehensive advice in the context of master data management and data quality. We support you from the analysis of the current state over the definition of the target state down to the specification and implementation of appropriate data processes.

Semaino service & support

Do you need – in addition to an introduction on how to use the damexSuite – further support, perhaps to import data of your suppliers into the PIM system, to define import processes or to generate and deliver electronic catalogs?

Our team assists you extensively in all aspects of data exchange, e.g. in the configuration of exports or imports, in the implementation and execution of catalog generation, even in delivering them to your customers.

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