Service & Support

The tools of the damexSuite provides you all the means to generate electronic product catalogs and to onboard product data from your suppliers into your systems. We are also prepared to support you in using these tools in the field – e.g. by training your staff, by coaching and accompanying you in configuring and generating the first electronic catalogs, or even by resuming some or all of the tasks that have to be done, like mapping of data or product classification. We also offer to take over the complete steps of generation of product catalogs or for the onboarding of supplier data.

Here a few examples of tasks which we are doing for our customers:

  • We develop solutions for your specific problems – if necessary, by customizing our software to your needs.
  • We connect your data sources to the ecatDesigner thus automating the product catalog generation and integrating it into the processes for data exchange.
  • We perform the mappings of your product data to standards (like BMEcat, Datanorm, eCl@ss, ETIM). We also support you in the upgrade to new versions of classifications (e.g. from eCl@ss 10 to eCl@ss 11) and in delivering different versions of classifications to different customers.
  • We adapt your product catalogs to the specific requirements set by some customers or market places and procurement systems, e.g. adding of further fields, specification of additional mandatory constraints, requests for different field lengths, etc. We are prepared to also do the coordination and tests with providers of market places.
  • We classify your products according to a given classification standard.
  • We support you in linking your suppliers to the onboarding tool by a number of activities, e.g. by analyzing the data structures provided by the suppliers, by doing the mappings, by defining quality checks and transfer rules, by defining and monitoring the onboarding processes.

We do not leave you alone: we assist you in overcoming all obstacles and conducting all tasks around electronic product communications.