Consulting and master data management

Very often we are faced with the following situation at our customers:

They or we ( > Service & Support) generate their electronic catalogs, but then they recognize that data is not available or incomplete or that many values are not correct. It turns out quite frequently, that the required data (required by the catalog receiver) is indeterminate from the existing source data. This, of course, leads normally to problems with the catalog recipients.

In order to satisfy the expectations of customers and data recipients, something has to be done to provide the requested data in good quality. In such a situation it is essential to conduct a deeper analysis of data sources and data processes. Issues like the following examples have to be addressed:

  • Which product data is needed for which purposes?
  • Which of the required product data is available? In which system? How extractable?
  • How complete, correct, reliable is this data?
  • How is data maintenance performed? Who is responsible? Are processes documented?

On the basis of such an analysis, steps can be defined and implemented to ensure the availability of high quality and well-maintained product master data. And this will impact the quality of any external communication where product data play a role.

Semaino has accompanied these processes at many of their customers. This has always been a project of several departments in the company, it always requires the collaboration of all responsible persons. We support you in conducting such projects, including the determination of requirements, the analysis of data flows, the definition of processes and responsibilities for data maintenance, and also the strategic planning of electronic communication with the systems of your customers and distributors. And, of course, we also help you to bring these strategies into operation – if you like, with our DamexSuite.